Jack Halfon

Jack Halfon or other wise know as Mr Atlas Finance is most known for achievements in business but Jack Halfon is many things. He is a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a community leader. Read more about Jack Halfon, the CEO of Atlas Finance.

Jack Halfon Atlas Finance

In 1994, Jack Halfon founded Atlas Finance in Johannesburg. Jack Halfon made Atlas Finance one of the top microlenders in the country. Atlas Finance is a family business, in every sense of the word. Atlas Finance is a microfinance company. It will give you a loan that will meet your particular needs. Jack Halfon and Atlas Finance can assist millions of South Africans meet short-term debt requirements rapidly.

Jack Halfon

Jack Halfon was born in what is nowadays Harare, Zimbabwe, where he also grew up. He went to David Livingstone Junior School and Churchill Boys High School in Harare. Jack Halfon is a photographer, a business owner, and an entrepreneur. He wants to make the world an improved place. He has made a success of himself.

Jack Halfon Payday Loans

Payday loans are short-term loans that provide you with money, when you could do with it. When you are applying for cash loans, your personal information is safe. Payday lending institutions can’t supply your information to other companies.

Jack Halfon Microfinance

Microfinance is a notion of supplying financial services for entrepreneurs, little businesses, and various people who don’t have the required resources and access to banks, as well as other related services. In several regions, particularly in South Africa, microfinance has become a social movement, whose purpose and aim is to supply financial services to low-income families.

Jack Halfon Atlas

Jack Halfon has expanded Atlas from a modest microfinance company based in Johannesburg, to a nationwide company, with 170-plus branches. At Atlas, we like to consider that we are a bit unlike the other loan providers. Our belief is that we truly are aware of our customers, as well as the requirements of every person that we assist.  

Jack Halfon South Africa

Jack Halfon came to South Africa as a young man. He had only R300 to his name! Amid many financial challenges and obstacles, Jack Halfon ultimately became an influential person in South African microfinance. He gives the support he once required to other people in similar circumstances. Jack Halfon hopes to motivate South Africa’s succeeding generation of entrepreneurs.  

Jack Halfon Philanthropist

Jack Halfon is a philanthropist. Jack Halfon supplies several of South Africa’s neediest communities with the tools to live, and live sustainable lives. Jack Halfon joined students of King David School Linksfield, to make meals ready for children at the Phuthaditjhaba Community Centre in Alexandra, and donated citrus trees to public schools in Soweto, as well as Krugersdorp. Food, clothes, as well as other supplies, were recently donated to Kraaipan Youth Foundation, as well as Warm the World.    

Jack Halfon’s Faces and Places

Jack Halfon has published Faces and Places, a photographic journey into the world’s different cultures, and living environments. This hardcover book is 234 pages. Jack Halfon’s aim is to relate a story of the world, and for the viewers to hear, feel, and view their accurate story of selves.