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You may want to know about Jack Halfon. Read more about Jack Halfon – the man who has many titles. Discover some very necessary information about him. Find out everything that you must know about him. Read on for more information about him.

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Take a look at some necessary points about him. This is what you must know about him. Jack Halfon was born in Zimbabwe. He was at Churchill Boys High School in Harare, Zimbabwe. At present, he lives in South Africa. The CEO of Atlas Finance is Jack Halfon. He founded Atlas Finance in Johannesburg. Learn more. For over 20 years, Atlas Finance has been shaped by Jack Halfon, into a model of customer service, morals, as well as responsibility, for the microfinance industry. Be aware of this essential information about him. At Atlas Finance, Halfon supervises over 170 microlending branches across South Africa.

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You might be wondering what you should know about him. In addition, here is another essential point that you need to be aware of. Jack Halfon hasn’t forgotten the characteristics that count most to his customers: integrity, transparency, as well as a dedication to assist borrowers, to get the loans that they require. This is the reason that the company has made over two million loans of up to R8000, since 1994. Now, you are so very knowledgeable about Halfon. Now, you know so much about him.

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See some additional information about him. Take a look at this essential information about him. Learn more about Halfon. This is another necessary piece of information that you should have. A number of the many recipients of Jack Halfon and Atlas Finance’s philanthropic contributions include FeedSA, as well as Miracle Drive Trust’s Grow Your Life. This is really such necessary information for you to have.

Know more about Halfon. Here are some more points about him. He is also a photographer. Perhaps, you are curious about his photography. Here is some more essential information about his photography. This is what you have to know about his photography. He published an assortment of his black and white photography, Faces and Places, in the year 2011. It is so vital for you to have this necessary information about his photography. You now know so much about his photography.

Thus, in conclusion, you have received such beneficial information and knowledge about this man. You’ve therefore really learned a lot about him. Your knowledge about this man has really expanded. You’ve found out all the necessary information that you need to have.

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Jack Halfon

Jack Halfon